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Playdio Revolver


Another great week here at Playdio HQ, and the birth of another amazing channel.  This week, we’ve kicked off Playdio Revolver.

Revolver, Crushin’ 90’s Rock.  When it came time to build out the 90’s, I was excited.  The team at Playdio HQ has a deep love affair for 90’s rock.  In fact, Mat Lunnen (Sales Manager) traveled all over North America playing bass in live bands through the 90s.  Dan Martens (President, Co-Founder) plays bass in a 90’s Rock Tribute band, along side Tim Farmillo (Partner) on guitar.  You see, I’m probably the only one who isn’t active in a band currently at the HQ.  Pressure was on!

Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Green Day, Tea Party, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Rock was amazing.  I’m not sure it’ll ever be that good again.  Our testing of Revolver (the video channel) has had it running non-stop at HQ. This radio station for business is designed to give you all of the biggest rock songs of the 90’s, and sprinkle in the songs you love that didn’t make it to the radio from the road-trips, and summer dock parties.  Revolver is a direct shot right to the emotions of 90’s rock lovers.

Dig back deep in the tee shirt drawer, and toss on your No Fear t-shirt, and wear your plaid coat.  Music so good, the goatee almost grows itself.

It’s time for you to get Better Music for your business.  Get Playdio today.