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The Pornification of your Health

Fitness has become porn.  The clothing, the selfies, and the spray on tans.  The pony tails, the hipster beards, the tattoos and the colourful runners.  The colourful summer running events that aren’t even for charity.   The Beats headphones, the New York Yankees ball caps, eye lash extensions and the[…]

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Isn’t that what we do?  This is a “fix me” culture.  This is what we’ve created.  To me, this has been my biggest and most recent accomplishment in self-awareness. FIX ME! Most things in our lives, are of a fix me nature.  We want nicer teeth, we go to the dentist[…]

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And it’s awesome! I know, it sounds weird.  But the more time I spend at Talisman Centre working out, the more I’m learning what is wrong with my body.  It’s like I’ve gone from a general feeling of “sore and crappy” into being able to isolate individual injuries or problems.[…]

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Wow… I feel gratitude

Monday, I went in for some sinus surgery; I haven’t been able to breathe through my left nostril in years.  I had suffered from chronic sinus and ear infections.  This isn’t life threatening, but it sure isn’t fun. Over the last couple of years of redesigning my life to include[…]

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I’m actually longer now?

OK, yes, I’m guilty of trying to bait you in with a tabloid style headline there… did it work? ME! The answer is ME!  I’m longer.  I’m taller?  a fair bit taller, actually. It is true though.  After going to the Talisman Centre for about 18 months now, I’m bigger.[…]

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3 long time Calgary radio buds… on TV?

Well, this is an event that will likely never happen again… Bob Steele (XL103), Tim Morgan (Q107) and me (101.5 KooL FM) were invited by Phoenix (another long time Calgary radio guy) to join him for his TV show Trending on Shaw.  Thanks Pho for the invite!  Here is the[…]

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